Ranges and Dates

Local indoor shooting range air & 22 rim fire
We meet on a Thursday evening, indoor range from 10 and up to 25 yards
Meet the team and learn from shooters who shoot on a regular basis

Simply Shooters Training



Training being given to probationary members

Indoor 25 Yard Shoot

Air & 22 Rimfire Range


A local shoot for Simply Shooters Members

Thursday Evening Shoots

The training evenings are in addition to our normal evening shoots when instruction is available, we also are running other training days .

The cost of training is free and the hire of the equipment is also free for probationers.
You pay the range fee together with your ammunition and for the targets.
Extra training & enhanced safety training will be given in Gallery Rifle, Full-bore Target Rifle and Scoped Rifles (7.62mm calibre)
training will be given at other dates at our alternative venues and during our usual shoots throughout the year.
We use 22lr,223,308,7.62,8mm,and 338 lapua Magnum For Training.

Simply Indoor Range

2nd March 2017 (25 yards Indoor Training & Shoot Day)
9th March 2017 (25 yards Indoor Training & Shoot Day)
23rd March 2017 (25 yards Indoor Training & Shoot Day)
30th March 2017 (25 yards Indoor Training & Shoot Day)
Sunday 2nd April 2017 (Training Day 10 am - 2 pm)
Gun Cleaning, Question and Answer Session,
Training for members who require completing "shooters certificate"
27 TH April 2017 (25 yards Indoor Training & Shoot Day) CONFIRMED
4 TH May 2017 (25 yards Indoor Training & Shoot Day) **Cancelled Due To Polling

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Warcop Military Ranges

B4 - Section In Defence Range SARTS & HARD Targets
C10 - Charlie High SARTS & HARD Targets - 2400+ SARTS & HARD Targets
Hard Targets & SARTS Targets -
Clay Pigeon Shoot Sunday 19th March As Per Email Update
Warcop B4 - Section In Defence Range SARTS & Hard Targets 22nd April 2017 - Confirmed
Warcop A1 - IBSR (Individual Battle Shooting Range) 20th May 2017 - SARTS -
Update: This has now been cancelled by Landmarc 09/03/2017 See Below
Altcar - By invite only 9th April 2017 - CONFIRMED 500 Yards
Warcop B4 - SARTS 20th May 2017 - BID CONFIRMED - Up To 338LM
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Warcop B4 - SARTS 3rd June 2017 - BID CONFIRMED - Up To 338LM
Warcop C10 - 15th July 2017 - BID CONFIRMED - Up To 50 Cal
If you are not recieving emails, please call Derek to update your details
Other Range In Consideration Rifle Range At Catton out to 450 gongs and reactive targets is Possible Dates to Follow
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SARTS + HARD Targets ** You Must Now Pre Register By Email Confirming Your Attendance **

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Military Ranges - Can be cancelled right up and until the morning of the shoot please check your emails

Want to join - contact SSA

B4 - Section in Defense


Engage hard targets & SARTS

C10 - Charlie High Field Firing Range


Field firing range with hard targets out to 2000+ meters

Altcar Ranges

Spring dates to be announced



Bird's Eye view of Altcar firing range

Altcar Firing Range


Gallery range up to 1000 yards

New To Shooting

We have a training programme that takes place on a Thursday evening that all probationers must attend as part of the Home Office rules.
Home Office rules state that a minimum three month period is required but we have a four month training period.
This ensures that all training is carried out twice to cover all eventualities.
Every other Thursday as detailed on the "Ranges & Dates" tab, We meet at 6.30pm go over booking in and range brief before we start
We will cover safety & marksmanship training in Target Rifle, Sporting Rifle (both of these in .22 rimfire cartridge) and Air Pistol & Rifle (.177).
Full-bore rifle shooting is covered on a separate range on other dates -

Practical Shotgun (PSG)

For updates please see the PSG page

Clay Pigeon Shotgun Shooting

Sunday in July 2017 By Registration Only