About Us

We are one of the premier multi-discipline shooting club in the North West of England.
With a dedicated membership of people comprising of all ages and sexes, and both indoor and outdoor ranges
at a variety of distances.
The Simply Shooters Association offers keen shooting men, women the perfect facilities to pursue the sport.
Simply Shooters Association is National Rifle Association Affiliated and Home Office Approved.
We offer shooting with a learn perfect teach approach.
Always with safety in mind, safety is paramount for all on the range.
Ears and Eye protection must be worn by the shooter at all times.

Our Membership comes from all walks of life with the common goal is to learn, perfect and teach others.
We have experienced civillian shooters, military & police professionals to impart firearms training.
We also have shooters from many shooting sports with many disciplines.

Shotgun Clay Pigeon Shooting
Practical Shotgun (PSG) IPSC
Rifle Target Shooting
Small-Bore and Full-Bore
Target Air